You have purchased a Subscription To…. Now What??

STEP #1: Bookmark the above web address, it is where you login to our Virtual Video Training Library!

STEP #2:

You will be taken to your home page after logging in and it will
look something like this:

Virtual Library Explination Screenshot

You have three choices for viewing your video’s…

#1: Browse Button (Top Left):
— See all of our video’s on 1 screen.

#2: Search Button (Top Left):
— Search for a specific Video

#3: Scroll Down The Screen:  This shows all of our video’s, but lists them by subject category.
= The top row of video’s is a history + quick links to video’s you have already watched……

= The next four rows of video’s are listed by overall subject category…

* You can push the > button on the far right of your screen to scroll through all the video’s in the category… or you can push “View All” to see all the video’s in that category on one screen.